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Sandi's Menu May 2022

All prices subject to change without notice.  

Things to know when dining at sandi's

Just a few housekeeping items before you choose to dine at Sandi’s…


All orders must be called in AHEAD for pickup. Please note your order is not confirmed until you have spoken with us and paid by credit card.


We are asking anyone wishing to dine in with us to please reserve a table ahead of your arrival. This gives us time in between guests to sanitize and disinfect tables and surface areas. 

We will hold your table for 15 minutes before releasing it to another diner. 

Lunch: First table at 11:30am | Dinner: First table at 4:30pm | Last Reservation 6:15pm

We are still following the guidelines of the CDC, National Restaurant Association, and ServSafe by continuously cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing our hard surfaces. This includes our restrooms as well as our kitchen and prep areas.


We will provide our diners with disposable drinkware and/or cutlery upon request. Although the very best method to prevent the spread of illness is frequent hand washing, we also have alcohol based sanitizers readily available for diners. 


As I have done in the past, any employee who shows signs of illness will be sent home and require a physician's note before returning to work. I would ask that anyone who decides to dine with us and is not feeling well understand that we may respectfully refuse service during this period of caution if you appear to be visibly ill. 


Please note that most of our food is prepared with fresh cream and dairy and is NOT gluten free. If you have any known allergies, please let the server know BEFORE ordering.


Once food is served to your table, we do not accept it back into the kitchen. We will package it for you so that you can personally dispose of it or give it to someone else.  

This is in keeping with Chef Sandi’s “waste not, want not” policy. 


Sandi's is a BYOB restaurant, however we reserve the right to bar disorderly persons from the premises. 

We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is combative or disrespectful towards staff or other diners while in our dining room.


Our servings are portion sized, which is the whole concept behind the original SoulBites meal and grabbing a “bite” to eat. We use fresh ingredients from local farms and all organic dairy products.


Bottled water or soda is not an option, nor is coffee or tea (at the moment!)


Sweet tea is served sweet with a hint of vanilla.


We have vegetable options available on the menu that are made without meat or dairy.  These are noted on our menu with an asterisk.  


We now offer call ahead ordering (pick up only) and dine-in reservations. 

Our combo options are as follows:


  • Little Dee Dee consists of 1 pc of meat or fish and two sides *

  • Momma's Medium consists of 2 pcs of meat or fish and two sides*

  • Geneva's Giant consists of  3 pcs of meat or fish and three sides*


Any other questions concerns or comments, please feel free to reach out!


With love and soul,


Chef Sandi

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