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Closed Until Further Notice

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to close our doors at Sandi’s until things stabilize concerning this pandemic.

As a new restaurant owner, this was a very difficult decision to make. I have developed a family of employees who provide untiring service and display a loyalty and commitment that I could have never imagined while writing the business plan for Sandi’s. I have family members, like so many others, who depend on me to make things happen each day.

Our greatest and most valuable asset is our health. While the idea of pickup and delivery was considered, I honestly did not feel the risk of exposure and possibly transferring it to other family members, particularly my grandchildren and pregnant daughters, was worth keeping our doors open. People want contact—they want to talk about what’s going on when they pick up their food—this type of global crisis warrants conversation. It was almost impossible to apply social distancing while sticking to our mission to serve our food with love and soul.

Also In keeping with our “No Waste” policy, we were donating cooked food that was leftover at the end of each shift to an organization within the community, as a result of this pandemic, we no longer have that option. As numbers are growing with new cases each day, I pray that we will all remain safe and healthy.

Follow the instructions of our local officials, engage in social distancing. Wash your hands thoroughly. If you are a business owner, consider a biweekly compensation for your employees to support them through this crisis.

I will be using this time to reorganize and am diligently looking for ways to provide assistance and support to those who are in need throughout my community.

Please feel free to reach out through email or our website and social media with any questions, comments or concerns. Let me know how I can help during this time, and I’ll do my best. Looking forward to serving you all again with love and soul.

Chef Sandi

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