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COVID-19 Safety Measures at Sandi's

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

As a new business owner and a prior health care worker, I’ve been closely monitoring what is now the pandemic of "COVID-19" along with New Jersey and the rest of the world.

The health and well-being of my employees and customers are my highest priority, and I will continue to act diligently despite the fear and uncertainty COVID-19 has brought to our daily lives. 

As we are ALL learning and adjusting as new information is made available to the public, my focus will remain on two major priorities;

  1. Supporting local health officials and respecting the bodies of government as they work to educate the public and control the virus, and 

  2. Making sure that we at Sandi’s continue to responsibly commit to the health and well being of our employees as well as those who choose to dine with us during this time.  

Although we really don’t know at this moment what impact this virus may bring, I feel the need to share and assure you of some of the precautions we are taking;

  • We are following the guidelines of the CDC, National Restaurant Association, and ServSafe by continuously cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing our hard surfaces. This includes our restrooms as well as our kitchen and prep areas.

  • We will provide our diners with disposable drinkware and/or cutlery upon request. Although the very best method to prevent the spread of illness is frequent hand washing, we also have alcohol based sanitizers readily available for use.  

  • We will now offer "call ahead to pick up" orders for those who do not wish to dine in.

  • As I have done in the past, any employee who shows signs of illness will be sent home and require a physician's note before returning to work. I would ask that anyone who decides to dine with us and is not feeling well understand that we may respectfully refuse service during this period of caution. 

I am confident with the support and patience of the community we serve that we can do our part by educating ourselves and continually practicing what has already proven to be good food safety measures in the restaurant industry. 

I trust that we will get through this, in good health and with business relations intact, to sit around the tables again and share stories with those we know and love. 

With love and soul,

 Chef Sandi

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