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#SoulBitesSunday is this Sunday, November 14th! Spend less time cooking and enjoy a #soulful meal with your family at the dinner table.

Please place your orders by 3pm on Friday, November 12th. Please know that pickup will be from 1-4PM on Sunday 11/14 ONLY. No one will be available after that time to distribute your meals. If you preorder and are not there to pick up your orders by 4PM your money will be refunded.

Call this week, place your orders and be prepared to have someone pick up your food if you won’t be able to make it during the specified time.

Please call during our business hours to place your order. Tuesday - Friday: 11AM-3PM and 4PM-7PM. (862) 242 - 8088 | (862) 242 - 8089

Thanks in advance, cheers to a great week ahead

Chef Sandi

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