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Women Entrepreneurship Week Conference at Montclair State University

Finding Success as Food Entrepreneurs (Women Entrepreneurship Week)

Chef Sandi was part of an amazing evening at Montclair State University for their Women Entrepreneurship Week event last night!

The panelists included: Risa Magid Boyer, chef/owner at Vanillamore; Caroline Mak, director of Hot Bread Kitchen Incubates and co-founder of Brooklyn Soda Works; Christine Miller-Allen, founder/head baker at Mo’Pweeze BakeryKris Ohleth, founder/owner at Garden State Kitchen; and our very own S.M. Rogers, founder and head chef at Sandi’s SoulBites. The Moderator for the evening was Rebecca King, food and dining writer at and The Record.

"Finding Success as Food Entrepreneurs" Panelists

"Finding Success as Food Entrepreneurs" tackled everything from start-up stories, to tips for making it in the food industry. The audience also had the opportunity to get involved and ask the panelists questions about their journey and tips on running their own business.

We know many of you have been following our journey so you know that it was not an easy road. Chef Sandi shared her experience to help guide other entrepreneurs out there that are looking to open up their own restaurant.

Take a look at this clip from the event where Chef Sandi spoke about the importance of being confident and focused.

Chef Sandi would like to share two things that she took away from tonight with you all...

1. "You learn that you never stop learning."

2. "Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there."

If you are interested in attending the next event Montclair State will be having for Women Entrepreneurship Week on October 23, 2019, click here.

For the first time they will be offering free child care to a limited number of attendees at this event.

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